02 January 2015

2015 - Out With The Old & In With The New

Happy New Year!

We were talking with some friends the other day about just how quickly time passes.  Seems like yesterday we were all wondering what the effects of going from 1999 to 2000 would be.  Hard to believe that it is now 2015.  Time sure flies!

This year will bring a (hopefully soon) new grandson for us.  He's due in late January.  What a great thing that will be! 

As many of you have done we've been cleaning - the bringing of the new year some how seems to make us want to make changes.  We've been emptying closets, donating "stuff",  reorganizing and rethinking how we do things.  Makes for lots of changes in our household.  Mostly good things.  

Every year I am always anxious to see what new information for genealogy is going to appear on line.  Will this be the year I discover the ancestry of John McCune?  John Hess?  John Peterman?  (see a pattern here?).  One can only hope that perhaps one of those walls will be coming down.  I can only hope. 

I'm hoping this year to be more informative on the blog, more consistancy with the posts, more information in the posts.  My goal right now is to redefine the way my office is organized,  be more efficient with my time useage,  and more organized with the way I do things.  Somehow we always seem to think that we have everything the way we want it, then something happens and a lightbulb comes on in our heads.  Suddenly everything isn't as efficient as we'd like it to be.  And so it goes.

So what genealogy related projects are you going to work on this year?


19 December 2014

Lots of Stuff... Good Stuff!

Earlier in a post I mentioned the Surname Scavenger Hunt that was being put on by  Crestleaf.   I posted and my many readers responded by going to Crestleaf and voting.  To make a long story short, we tied for first place with Wiki Chicks.  They did a great job with their post with a J.R.Tolken entry.  A great contest - and we split the first place prize of $250 with both of us getting $125 at Amazon.  It was a great adventure.  Be sure to stop in and visit both Crestleaf and the WikiChicks. 

It's been a very busy fall and early winter here at GFOM, so not alot of blogging going on.  For that I do apologize.  I'm working on posts for the new year and hope to see all of my regular readers back with me. 

We have a new grandson due to make an entry between now and middle January, which will make five grandsons for us.  Such an exciting time.  My hunky Mr. Brown Eyes will be returning to Canada to work for Ford a bit in January but I plan on being here to help out the with the new grandbaby.  It will be so difficult (wink wink) but hey, someone has to do it. Who doesn't love snuggling and hugging on babies?

My research continues and so does the clean up of my data base.  Seems I've been working on that forever but when I get it all complete it will be awesome.  I am pondering participating in some form with the Genealogy Do Over Project hosted by Thomas MacEntee over at GeneaBloggers.  I admire what he is undertaking but don't think I'm ready to go quite as far as he is going.  Something else to ponder if you think your files need a fix. 

Another project that I am going to attempt to be part of is the 52 Ancestors In 52 Weeks meme hosted by No Story Too Small with Amy Johnson Crow.  A challenge and I'd like to see if I can muddle thru it.  I certainly have the entertaining ancestors to do it. 

As 2014 draws to a close I'd like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to read my blog.  I'm no pro by far but I do love researching my ancestors (yours too!).   To be able to research and share the things I have found and posting them here in the hopes that maybe, just maybe I can help someone on this journey just rocks for me.  I'd love to hear from you if you've been helped by things you've found here. 

So from our house to yours Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah - Bless you all!  May you have a wonderful New Year.  Be safe and we'll be back here January 2nd with some new ancestors to share for the new year. 

God bless & Happy researching!

17 December 2014

Repost - Humorous Surnames

 This is the post that put us in the top five for Crestleaf Surname Scavenger Hunt Contest.  You can still vote for us - Crestleaf , click on Blog, Surname Scavenger Hunt and vote for Humorous Surnames Genealogy Frame of mind.  If you've voted, Thanks! 

Many years ago when we were expecting we were discussing names. I was convinced that we were having a girl (I was right).  One of the names on our list was Amanda.  My husband wanted to use the middle name Lynn.  I said nope.  Are you kidding me?  Amanda Lynn...  yep, say it quickly.  You get it right?  A mandolin..  Although it was a girl, and we did name her Amanda we didn't use the middle name Lynn.

But as I look thru my data base I find myself going "what were they thinking?" when I look at these couple of names that I came across.

1. My first one was Frances C. Jones aka Fanny.  She was born in Hopkins County, Kentucky in 1835.  Well she was okay until on 25 OCT 1882 when she married Dr. Adolphus F. RASH.  She became Mrs. Fanny Rash.  Really?  Is there anything more I need to say?

2. I just couldn't pass this one up either.  I mean, really?  Prior/ Pryor L. Breeding born in 1843 in Claiborne County, Tennessee.  Being the eighth of 11 children of John Breeding and Betsy Stone maybe had something to do with it, but really Prior/Pryor?  Does make you wonder what were they thinking?

3. This one I just never understood. I mean, his father's name was John, I'm sure there were lots of other options out there but, no, they named their son, George P. George.  I mean really? 

4. Another that I never really understood, sort of made me shake my head, was America Indiana?  I thought maybe they liked Indiana or something.  Turns out to my knowledge they were never even in Indiana.  Kansas yes, but Indiana no.  Hmmm?

5. I have to wonder who came up with the Given name of Green?  I have 32 men in my data base named Green.  A few are farmers - okay maybe they have green thumbs?  One or two are Doctors? The rest are just varying occupations.
Some names I see and I just wonder and marvel at the creativity expressed in the names...  Names like Centennial Nix,  Columbus George Washington Nix, and then the ever popular Littlebury?  I've got quite a few of those with the spelling varying but Littlebury?  Where did that come from?

How about you?  Got any strange name combinations in your files?