19 May 2015

Who Thought Painting An Office Would Be So Much Work?

I knew it would be a big job, I guess I just never thought how BIG the job was.   I was so excited when we moved into this house.  Finally, after raising our two kids and then marrying them off... (LOL), we got our dream house.  I actually could have a room of my own for my genealogy.

Well, its been almost 8 years and somehow time slipped away.  I was so thrilled to have my own space.  I could leave my research books on the desk,  my very own desk, and not have to pick them up so we could have dinner or tax clients could be assisted.  The problem is, who wants to take time out from researching to paint? 

Several weeks ago, Mr. Brown Eyes announced that I was going to NGS for the national genealogy conference.  I'd been wanting to go for many years but the timing just wasn't right.  Well this year, I did go.  While I was gone he had my office painted.  It's absolutely beautiful.  I chose the color and left the paint chip for my painter.  It has blown me away.  WOWSERS!

The only problem is, everything but the desk had to leave.  Even the two lateral filing cabinets.  Which means that all the files had to COME OUT so they could be moved.  Well the paint job is beautiful (Dan the painter ROCKS!)...  but now that I am home I get to put it all back together. 

So I'm going to blog, not about paint or putting offices back together, but about my genealogy.  Won't promise its going to be exciting or anything, but I'll try to get some genealogy up here in the next day or so.

So EVERYTHING is back in the office,  alot of it in boxes, some of it is back but NOT going back in the cabinets - I want to go thru all those files and make sure all is scanned & typed.  So another project is under way.   One day maybe I'll get it all done the way I want it.  Until then I'll just keep plugging away. 

Happy Researching

18 May 2015

Monday Musings

Yes, I am back.  It felt good to take some time off.  While I was off alot has happened.  First of all we added a new grandson to the pack - Joshua Luotonen was born January 29th.  He's adorable and joins brothers, Jacob (18 months) and Jonathon (7 years).  A full house for sure! 

I just returned on Sunday morning from my first EVER genealogy conference. Man what an experience that was!  The NGS conference in St. Charles, Missouri was a totally awesome experience.  Listening to such awesome speakers as Elizabeth Shown Mills, Warren Bitner, Thomas Jones, and Judy Russell (the Legal Genealogist) and so many more was like a webinar on some serious steroids. 

It felt good to hear them talk about their methodology, their knowledge - It inspired me to come home and just dive in with both feet, like I could solve all my brick walls NOW.  And maybe I will solve some of them with the knowledge I gained there.  The only way to explain it is like drinking at a fountain of knowledge and it just keeps flowing and flowing.  At times I felt as though my brain was going to just fall out of my head...  So much knowledge, so many awesome speakers & sessions and only 4 days to digest it all.  OH MY!

If you've never done an NGS conference you should seriously consider it.  One stop shopping in the exhibitor hall led to so many fabulous books and finds, discounts on software and so much more...  Good thing I took an empty briefcase because I sure needed it when I went to return home. 

I'm really geeked about everything I learned at NGS.  I spent much of time in German research sessions and Civil war sessions, but couldn't resist mixing in a few sessions from Elizabeth Shown Mills.  Her sessions were just fascinating. 

We will be booking our hotel on Wednesday for NGS 2016, May 4-7 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  Why don't you plan on joining us??? 

Happy Researching!

17 March 2015

Tombstone Tuesday - George Gates 1810-1877

   George Gates, my 4th great grandfather is buried in Roselawn Cemetery, Preble County, Ohio.  George is a mystery man - as I have no clue who his parents are.  With him dying 22 OCT 1877, there was no real death certificate so locating parents names isn't possible that way.   Let me tell you what I do know. 

  George was born 17 JAN 1810, from calculations based on his age at the time of death (67y/9m/5d).  Some sources say he was from Adams County, Pennsylvania others say Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. 

  I have two "obits" for George, one I know the source of, the other came in an email, but the address so longer works.  They basically give the same info -

   George Gates, died October 22, near Lewisburg, age 67 years 9 months, 5 days. Born in Adams Co., Pennsylvania in 1810, emigrated to Ohio in 1827.  Married Feb. 13, 1840. Had 9 children. Totally blind for 4 years.  Buried at Lewisburg.
   [This "obit" was found in my obits in an email letter.  Email address is no longer working.]
  From the Dayton Daily Journal, Nov. 2, 1877, Pg. 1, Col. 6:
  "GATES, Near Lewisburg, Preble County, Ohio, Oct. 22, 1877. Mr. George Gates, Aged 67 years 9 months 5 days."

So as you can see neither leads me to his parents.  Here's the rest of what I know....

He marries Luezer (yep, that's her name!) Fowler, daughter of Joseph Fowler on 13 FEB 1840 in Preble County, Ohio. 

They are the parents of 9 children - 
Hannah Angeline (my ancestor), Minerva, Oliver, Elzina, Francis, George, Mary, Martin and Elmira.  All married and had families except Mary Isabella. 

Luezer is buried with him as well.  But her stone and story are a different day, different blog entry.

Do you know George?  IS he perhaps in your file?  Maybe your ancestor married into the family?
Can you help locate the family that George came from?  I'd love to hear from you if you do!

Happy Researching!